Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Tears of Sadness

Happy to be leaving
Sad for not wanting to go
Goodbyes are full of pain
But so too is a hello

To be reuinted with my loved ones
A joy we all will share
The sorrow of a lover's final kiss
Hurts too much to be fair

Lingering farewells exchanged
So heavy remains my heart
Hovers in the atmosphere
As regretfully we part

Whenever will we meet again?
Could it be in a day or a year?
Our reunion a mystery unknown to us
As the certain time draws near

But someday in the future
We shall surely find each other
It will be just like the old times
Finding comfort in one another

Treasure our fondest memories
Keep in touch as much as we can
And someday, in the future near or distant
Our paths will cross again.

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