Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A three letter word that you might say
Could take my breath and my pain away
Could leave me floating on pure air
Hurt melting away alongside despair

We could dance and twirl up to the sun
Me and my love, my soul, the one
Drink in the beauty of your face
And bask in the tenderness of your embrace

Those were the silly dreams of mine
That truly stood the test of time
And only now have they been shattered
With everything that ever mattered

When people said you might say yes
I suppose it was nothing but a guess
Sometimes right but often wrong
I knew the truth of "no" all along...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hitting The Fan.

One blade-
A single shard of
Broken heart escapes
the prison of my body.

Two blades-
Many hands make light work
Or so they say
Twice as many scars,
Twice as many tears,
Twice as much pain.

Three blades-
On high rotation, they're a death trap
Chilling and thought provoking
They see all, know all,
Can end all.

Ugly personality bled from the soul
Covering walls you lived between
Never truly to be removed.
A jump too high; forgetting to duck
A single mistake and you're gone.
A final breath; a single step and it all ends tonight…

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Silver String

Hearts dancing on the wind
Hoping to be caught
And tied to another with silver string
Like fairytales always taught.

Like a butterfly caught in your own two hands
You sit on clouds spun from your wildest dreams
You twirl in silly, careless circles
Towards the end which gleams

Like balloons they are let go
And float off into the air
The young owner would then cry
But no-one said it was fair.

You can tie the strings in the tightest knot
But the cord will always be severed
Regardless of the fancies you hear
You can't hold on forever.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Open Door

As I fall asleep at night
Thinking 'what will become of me?'
Of what I once could've been
A future I'll never see

If my life was different
If I'd taken another track
Where exactly would I be?
There's no point looking back.

Would I be a successful student?
Would I have this many friends?
Or would I have been worse off,
Stuck on all the road's bends

I guess the grass is always greener
Though you never know for sure
But you're always taking chances
When you walk through open doors...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Guardian Angel

In the silence of the night
A girl creeps slowly to the door
Creaks it open and tiptoes out
Across a cobblestone floor.

Onto the street and around the block
To a house that's still with sleep
A particular bedroom in this house
Into which she'll silently creep

Take the hand of a sleeping beauty
Her face pale in the soft moonlight
Deliver her to a safe haven
Hidden and out of sight

This is where the angels take
The closest of their friends
Like a guardian watching their treasure
And their impending, uncertain ends.

I know that this may make no sense
That's not how it's meant to be
It doesn't have specific meaning
To you, though it does to me.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Than Friends

All is finally well and good
In a world I never understood
I don't know why or even how
But the world is so much clearer now

I might just have a chance with you
I really hope that this is true.
You're the one that saved me from loving him
The one I spoke to when things seemed grim.

You're funny, kind and understand;
I visit you in my dreamland.
You're the one out of anyone I've ever met
That I've felt most strongly about yet

I'd love to get to know you better
Even if it's only by a letter
That I, in the future, may someday send
Hoping we could become more than friends.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heartbreak Limerick

Every time a person's heart breaks
They're losing thousands of flakes
That all fit together
Then they're gone forever
And once they are lost, it aches.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sisters At Heart

We’re connected in a way
That no one else can see
Best friends 'till the very end--
That is you and me.

You're kind and understanding
Our friendship wise and true
I could never in my life replace
The beauty which is you.

We'd still spend our whole lives together
If we'd had our way
I still think about that
Each and every day

Our time together may have been short
Life soon pulled us apart
But we'll always have each other
For we are sisters at heart.

I hope you know I love you
You're one of my best friends
I'll always stand by you
Until the very end

Because I love you so darn much
I'd like to wish for this:
A very happy birthday
To the friend I dearly miss